Customs Brokerage

We stay ahead of the rapidly changing world of customhouse brokerage.

Customs regulations evolve rapidly and New Direx is committed to understanding the fine details of each iteration so your cargo remains in compliance, regardless of destination. With a fully trained Customs staff of industry experts, we work with the latest technology to ensure proper handling of customs entries and details. By working diligently with experienced and certified agent partners around the world, we can assist and advise on moving cargo to any location.

Our commitment to continuing education, industry evaluation, and customer awareness helps us stay on top of these complex and intimidating rules. We are available 24/7 to work with specialists and clients on shipments that need Customs support and service.

Our Customs Brokerage Advantages


New Direx uses the latest EDI technology to bring you faster service, fewer errors, and better control over your cargo’s Customs clearance. By staying at the forefront of Customs technology, we reduce the waiting time and revision expenses to protect our customers.

Experts On Hand

Our staff of Certified Customs Brokers are on hand to guide our clients through the ever-changing world of compliance. Not only do we retain the most knowledgeable industry professionals, we partner with the most esteemed Customs specialists around the world.

National Permit

With our National Permit, we can clear cargo in any US port for our customers. Because we have in-house Customs Brokers on both coasts, we’re available and ready whenever your cargo arrives. This saves you time and storage charges as your cargo isn’t waiting for clearance.


New Direx is here to serve. If you have a question or concern, or need an advisor on Customs regulations during the planning stages of your project, we’re on hand to help you investigate and coordinate a shipment that will remain in compliance throughout the journey. Whether it’s many stops in different countries, or regular shipments over time, we can plan for your success.

The tools and knowledge to get the job done right and on time.